Our Difference

Do Ghazal Ceylon teas are handpicked and processed using time-tested methods in ultra modern processing plants and packed shortly after, so as to retain the superior flavor and aroma found only in pure garden fresh teas.

When it comes to the quality factor, Akbar Brothers is renowned for focusing on continuous innovations of product lines, packaging and processing.

Stringent quality control at Akbar Brothers’ premises has been primarily entrusted to a workforce of over thousand dedicated, experienced and qualified personnel.  Each consignment undergoes rigorous quality checks and tests by experienced tea tasters and quality supervisors during every stage of production up to the time of shipment. Nevertheless, since quality of Ceylon tea is a time-honored tradition in Akbar brothers’ family, a family member is always at hand to personally check into the quality of tea.

 Akbar Brothers utilizes state-of-the-art machinery from Germany, Italy and Japan for its automated tea cleaning, tea blending, tea flavoring and tea packing facilities.

Further, an ultra modern packing Complex over 300,000 sq.ft. has been built in Kelaniya to service Do Ghazal Ceylon tea’s packing operations. The packing complex is equipped with modern automated technology to ensure minimum handling and maximum hygienic standards.

The Do Ghazal Ceylon tea bagging operations are covered by ISO 9001 quality Management System Certification and HACCP Food Safety System Certification.

Akbar and Do Ghazal Ceylon tea brands won the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing’s award of the brand of the year in 2003 and in 2005.

Do Ghazal tea is assessed according to the most stringent quality standards by expert tea testers who have mastered their skill by relying on nearly a century of expertise in the field of tea tasting and blending. By preserving the fine values of this old tradition, we guarantee that only the best Pure Ceylon Tea reaches you.

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