Pyramid Tea

Do Ghazal White Tea with Rose

A romantic bouquet of white tea with natural rose petals.This blend has the light spice of delicate young rose buds and petals atop the sweet fullness of white tea.A blend perfect to enjoy with family and friends.


Doghazal Cardamom Tea

Doghazal cardamom tea is a combination of fresh teas from the mountains of ceylon flavoured with the natural essence of cardamom,packed in luxurious pyramid teabags.The resulting cup of tea is a beautiful ceylon tea with a smoothing taste and aroma of cardamom.


Doghazal Ceylon Cinnamon Tea

The pure ceylon tea with cinnamon are individually uncontested as the best in world.Here they are blended and packed luxurious pyramid teabags to create an exotic,healthy and refreshing cup of tea.The combination provides a cup of tea with the bright red color and character of ceylon tea with the aroma and spice of cinnamon.


Doghazal Green Tea with Saffron

A delicate combination of the best teas and the most exotic spices in the world.Doghazal saffron tea results in a cup of tea with fascinating fragrance,a beautiful colour and superior taste,which is both extremely relaxing and healthy.


Doghazal Mint Green Tea

Doghazal green tea with mint captures the delicate ,refreshing mouth-tingling flavor of peppermint.Excellent after meals to refresh your mouth and help the digestion.


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